Guest Writer: Lana!

Morning lovely people, I hope you are all well! I’ve got a slightly different post for you this month. Enjoy! x


When Shannon asked me to “guest spot” on her blog, I ofcourse jumped at the chance because its an honour to be asked to do something as big as that.First off I should probably introduce myself! I’m Lana – or the inconsiderate cripple in the blogging world! (although shannon calls me Shelly, dont you eggs!)

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I have several different chronic illnesses including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS, Fibromyalgia (and others, but i dont want to just list them because thats probably really boring for you lovely lot!)

I’ve had a bit of a Journey with my illnesses, and the journey continues, and every day I face new challenges, and continue to face the old ones too.

I had a L-O-N-G think about what I wanted to write for this, I knew straight away I didnt want to do anything too long – or too heavy. After many different drafts of different posts on different topics, I decided on something that I wish other people knew about my life with chronic illness.

So here we go, These are things that I wish people knew or listened to about life with chronic illness.


5 things I wish people knew about life with chronic illness.

1) I will not “Get well soon”. I don’t have a curable illness. this is not a common cold, this is my life now, so although im sure you mean well, you need to know I will not be getting better anytime soon, this is my normal now. This illness isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

2) I don’t want sympathy. If I tell you about my illness, I’m telling you because I want to either raise awareness, answer your questions or im asking for your understanding. Please do not look at me with pitty. I know I’m very young to have all these things “wrong with me” however telling me “youre too young to be ill”, “Im so sorry you’ve got this” or ” I wish I could take it all away and make it better for you” every time you see me doesnt change the fact I have my illnesses and my age shouldnt come in to it.

3) Its not ok to judge someone you know nothing about in the street. My illnesses are mainly “invisible” at first glance. I have had so many different comments made about me in public by both strangers, and even people I know come to think of it. its not ok to say “There s nothing wrong with you youre just fat”, “oh youre just a hypochondriac”, “why are you walking with a stick youre just faking it”, “youre too young for a walking stick”, “who did you steal that mobility scooter from”, “you’re too fat for that wheelchair” and my personal favourite “You’re just an inconsiderate cripple arent you” (there is context to this one). It is not ok to bully ANYONE. It is not ok to judge people on things you know nothing about. You never know what wars people are battling inside.

4) My walking aid is not a toy or fashion accessory. No, you cannot “have a go” in my mobility scooter or wheelchair. Yes, you are offending me by asking in the first place. I DONT HAVE ONE OF THESE FOR THE FUN OF IT. ITS NOT A TOY. It’s a way of me being able to get out of the house and do things i need to do! it gives me some level of independance back.

5) I’m still me. I’m still a person, I cant promise my illnessses hasn’t changed who I am, but i can promise it doesnt DEFINE who I am. I am so much more than my illness.

Huge thanks to Shannon for having me! Its been an honour!

L x


One thought on “Guest Writer: Lana!

  1. Hi Lana, yes, yes, OMG really?? And WTF!!! I have EDS, Fibromyalgia and POTS and loads else just like you. I agree with your four points but number three and four, I have not experienced. Who are these people who have treated you so cruelly? I want to give them a piece of my mind. And who the hell asks to “have a go” of a mobility scooter? I have a strict rule not to call people names in writing, which I feel I need to break right now. Who are these arseholes?? Remove them from your life immediately!

    Maybe I am just lucky as my illness only stopped me working six years ago and I’m now in my early fifties. Maybe people get a bit more mature in their attitudes as they get older.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your guest spot. Good luck!

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