A wheelchair user: things that bug me!

What’s going on guys!? I hope you are all doing well.

As some of you may know, I’d planned my blog posts at the beginning of the year so I could have more structure. But I went against my plan and have decided to write a little about things that annoy me as a wheelchair user!

Let’s get into it!

– – – –

I’ll start with something that I feel many of you will relate to, seeming invisible to ‘able bodied’ individuals.

When coming out of the supermarket, a woman who was seemingly unaware of my chair and I, proceeded to head straight towards me with her trolley…

We collided and she swiftly me a look as if to say “move out of the way, you freak!”

Apologies, but I’m not necessarily able to move as fast as you are so maybe next time you could either say EXCUSE ME or just hold back while I move? Is that too much to ask?

Honestly, I’ve never felt so angry! It was a struggle to refrain from commenting, maybe I should have.

– – – –

Secondly, lack of accessibility.

Now, the fact most places are inaccessible may seem a little obvious to most wheelchair users, but considering the fact I’ve not been a user for that long – bare with!

Previous to being in my chair, I used smart crutches, which didn’t really pose an issue when it came to accessibility, as you can imagine.

But I’ve come to realise how relevant this issue is, it’s 2017, how is it acceptable to STILL have inaccessible venues?!

Personally, I find it incredibly degrading when you can’t access or require assistance to get INTO said venue.

Will this issue ever be resolved? The fact that it’s somehow ‘ok’ for newly built buildings to be inaccessible makes me think not.

– – – –

Last but by no means least, what happened to you?

Let me start with this: I am more than comfortable telling people why I’m in a wheelchair.

But, the thing I strongly dislike is those who approach me (whether they know me or not) and feel that it’s acceptable to jump straight into an interrogation as to WHY I’m in a wheelchair.

“Oh, why are you in that? You look fine!”

Mate… if I was ‘fine’, do you really think I’d choose to sit in a wheelchair all day? Being able bodied is something I took for granted and I wish so much to have this back – but I can’t.

Is it really necessary to make me feel as if I NEED to validate my disability? I think not.

It would mean so much more if people were understanding and either asked in a more sensitive way….

“If you don’t mind me asking…..”


Just keep your mouth shut and wait for US to share with YOU.

Is it really that difficult?

– – – –

Remember: not everyone is comfortable sharing why they are in a wheelchair so don’t be offended if they choose not to divulge. Bare this in mind!

– – – –

Anywhooooo, I could go on all day but I’ll spare you the pain!

I hope you enjoyed reading,

Leave a comment/email with something that bugs YOU!

S. x


3 thoughts on “A wheelchair user: things that bug me!

  1. Love this. It’s not at all the same because my disability is “invisible” (type I diabetes), but I’ve joined a new workplace recently and although everyone has been really chilled and I don’ t mind saying “yeah I have diabetes, which means I have to give insulin with food blah blah blah”, there have been a couple of moments when I’ve realised how uncomfortable some able-bodied people feel around disabilities. I’ve had to struggle not to apologise for it; after all, it’s not my fault they’re not used to it!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure they are – though at the same time I always want to sit them down and say “Look, you know, it’s not the worst thing ever, I can still do most of the stuff you do, you don’t need to worry so much.”

        Liked by 1 person

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